Vegan Inspired Jewellery Collection

Glitters Fine Jewellery is proudly home to a collection of stunning, unique, and affordable Vegan Inspired Jewellery. This collection was cultivated by our Co-CEO, Ayesha Suri, a passionate and motivated vegan and activist. 

Ayesha served as the President of the Western University Vegan Society and a PETA campus rep for two years where she immersed herself within the vegan community and dedicated much of her time to organizing and hosting a variety of events that promoted veganism and cruelty-free living. From week-long vegan challenges to vegan B.L.T. giveaways to a cruelty-free cosmetic expo, Ayesha sought to make Western University the most vegan-friendly campus it could possibly be.

While Ayesha's goal is to attend law school and ultimately mobilize institutional justice structures for social transformation, her passion for veganism and animal rights has driven her to create a collection of jewellery that serves as meaningful conversation starters, symbols of peace and compassion, and the desire to give back to some of the world's most oppressed species.

The suffering, exploitation, and violence against non-human animals inspired Ayesha to go vegan and the animals play a significant role within her collection of jewellery as a portion of the profits from every sale are donated to Animal Sanctuaries in Ontario, Canada. Thus far, we have raised $220 for Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary, a family run haven for rescued farm animals in South Western Ontario.

For any additional inquiries regarding this collection, please email Ayesha at and to follow Ayesha's journey check out her Instagram.